Develop a brand identity symbol for a consulting firm founded by UC Berkeley professor Ben C. Gerwick, renowned for his engineering and construction innovations related to bridge, foundation, marine, and offshore structures.

CCA, a recently formed corporation, wanted to have an established-looking logo that reflected the breadth of experience of its founders and staff. CCA is the only policy training program in Sacramento, California, that is run by practicing, veteran lobbyists, which help organizations and individuals engage in the policy-making process.

CMS desired a new brand identity that would convey a strong sense of location, for residential and commercial moves, as well as provide international services and emphasize qualities inherent in its business of protecting and transporting personal items anywhere in the world.

A comprehensive brand identity upgrade to its existing logo and marketing materials, which looked dated. EASF is the oldest continuous business league in the world, founded in San Francisco in 1916. The organization currently has chapters in more than 100 cities across four continents. One challenge was designing a new logo that would appeal to and be approved by all its fifty-plus members.

Develop a brand identity for an established, independent real estate firm specializing in real estate investments in San Francisco, including apartment house sales, tax-deferred exchanges, TIC development, single-family homes, and condominiums.

To reposition a traditional regional banking firm into a national diversified financial services company.

Develop a brand identity upgrade for a San Francisco general contractor specializing in interior and exterior renovation and painting.

A brand identity upgrade for an American icon, "The Home of Country Music,” established in 1925, which showcases concerts in Nashville, TN. The goal was to create a corporate logo that symbolized the breadth of country music, from its honored legends to its contemporary rising stars.