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A Brief History

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Crawshaw Design was founded in 1975 as a San Francisco graphic design firm – creating corporate identity programs, brochures, annual reports, ads, mailers, signage, and all the various forms of marketing material. With the advent of the computer – causing both a revolution and revelation in our industry – we evolved, embracing these technological advances into our business practices. And we have been riding this wave of escalating innovation ever since.

With our background in print design and knowing what works in this media, our expansion into the Internet arena – creating websites, interactive banners and more – has been a natural progression. It has augmented our ability to navigate creatively in this virtual marketplace. We understand the integrated necessity and symbiotic relationship between print and the web.

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Why We're Unique

By choice, we are a small firm, yet we work with an array of creative partners and recruit other professionals when needed, depending on the scope of a job and the specific requirements of a project. This helps us stay competitive. At times, we also work in conjunction with other agencies. Case in point, while partnering with MFP Consulting, we created the new logo and branding identity for the Grand Ole Opry, an American icon and the home of country music in Nashville. As well, we designed the corporate identity for First Tennessee / First Horizon, one of the nation's 50 largest bank holding companies in asset size and market capitalization. In other words, we respect the creative process and work well with others to get the job done right.

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With our years of experience, we give assurance to our clients that the products and the services we provide – from creating a website to rebranding an entire corporation – will produce desired results. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and objectives. With our integrated approach we apply three distinct methods of expertise to all our designs: strategy, creativity and technology. By applying these key elements to every project, we are able to effectively deliver innovative solutions and satisfaction.

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With more than 30 years experience, Crawshaw Design has worked with clientele in a variety of fields, including healthcare, banking, retail, engineering, architecture, law, publishing, broadcasting, hospitality and technology. Our work has appeared in trade publications and books. We are a member of the Executives Association of San Francisco, the SR Chamber of Commerce and an active supporter in the community.

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